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Area of Businesses

Vehicle Parts and Accessories

With the broad business scope and expertise that we have cultivated,
Hong Bee Group has been motivated to further broaden our foundation as we ride the wave of rapid development in automotive technology.


Hong Bee Group is a distributor of Yamaha Marine outboard motor products in Peninsular Malaysia. We are also the first importer of Hyundai’s inboard diesel engine in Malaysia, another well-known international brand.

Yamaha offers a range of options that include a variety of high-efficiency propellers to be used in everything from lightweight speedboats to heavily loaded pontoon boats. For deep-water ventures that require more stability at higher horsepower and torque, the robustly designed Hyundai SeasAll units are specifically conceived as heavy-duty engines with the ability to serve the professional and commercial markets.

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Automobile batteries are essential for powering all the electrical components of a vehicle, a befitting market for Hong Bee Group to tap into on top of the supply of vehicles and marine engines.

Among the brands that we distribute are Jaguh, Sprinter, and our latest addition, Hankook, a high-performance, high-capacity brand of batteries ideal for entry-level vehicles to high-end performance cars.

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Automotive Lubricants

The need for automotive lubricant rises as the automobile industry expands, and we are fortunate to be appointed as Shell’s authorised lubricant distributor in Northern Malaysia, which includes the states of Perlis, Kedah, and Penang. Shell is the world’s No. 1 lubricant supplier, bringing world-class technical knowledge to its products to provide the optimum formulation for every vehicle.

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